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Live your life to the fullest

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Your time is limited, do not waste your time by living someone's else life. Have the courage to follow your heart and everything else is secondary. Do not let the noise of other's opinions drown your own opinions. - Steve Job, One of the biggest icon in this world.

How do you feel about your life which you got ?. Are you living your life to the fullest even though you have lost everything but still happy and keep giving your best to achieve your goals and aspirations. You should not settle for less when you can get much more. Do not be satisfied with your achievements and keep a hunger alive inside you which will push you further to target your goals.

Please find below some tips which will want to apply in your life to avoid any negative energy and be happy, more conscious, more alive and experiencing life to a new level.

1- Live everyday with a fresh start - You do not need to be held back about what happened yesterday, last week, last year etc. Life is short and enjoy every moment of your life thinking today is your last day, Help others and contributing to society, Do whatever which makes you happy and you are passionate about because while lying on your deathbed, at that point of time you should not have any regrets that you could, should, would have done that. Be happy and make the most of every moment of your life.

2- Be true to yourself who you are - Stop trying to please people around you. It is always better to be original version of you rather than being a copy cat of others. No need to please or impress anyone, just keep on doing good stuff and people will start noticing and inclined towards you automatically.

3- Do not complain- You do not have to be someone who keeps on complaining all the time about situations and doing nothing about them. Stop complaining about problems and start taking actions to correct problems. Do not be a barking dog, nobody will come and help you. You have to help yourself by applying systematic approach towards your life.

4- Do not do things for the sake of doing them- Always analyse what you are doing and figure out the the meaning behind it if that is good or not. Do not be afraid of quitting things if not serving any kind of purpose in your life.

5- Learn from criticism- You should always open to criticism because it meant you to be better person by evaluating things properly in your life. Do not let criticism affect you, just take it in a positive way to improve yourself.

6- Be positive- Be positive always irrespective of circumstances in your life. A positive person sees positive things in negative situations and try to work according to that. Is the glass half empty or half full ?. It is all about your perception on how you look at things. I would say glass is full , reason being bottom half is water and top half is air.

7- Helping others who are in need of help- It is very wise thing to do to help someone during their hard and difficult times. The moment you start helping others without any kind of profits or interest, from that day your life is worthwhile.

8- Keep learning- There is something to learn from everything in this world be it from your mistakes, from child, from people etc. Learn to understand and interpret each moment of your life objectively and constructively. You should focus on what you can learn from them and applying in your life.

9- Keep improving yourself- It is always better to equip yourself with knowledge so that you can upgrade your skills, personality with time which will help you to keep aligning yourself to the best in this world.

10- Get out of your comfort zone- If you want to achieve something you have never achieved in your life and in order to achieve that you need to come out of your comfort zone because comfort zone is a dead zone where no growth takes place. Initially there would be a struggle but later on in you life , you would appreciate yourself for coming out of comfort zone and living your dream life.

So by following above tips and points you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Always remember to do things which you are passionate about. Please comment , share your thoughts.



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