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How To Impress a Girl

If you’re wondering how to impress a girl in a way you want to be attracted in front of her, you’ve come to the right place. Below tips would definitely help to be more attractive.

There is a big mistake most guys make when they try to impress girls:

They actually allow the girl to sense that they are trying to impress her.

This turns the girl off and all of your efforts go in vain.

Girls (and especially hot girls) are used to all kinds of guys trying to impress them in order to earn their affection.

Many girls have developed some sort of sixth sense that allow them to know right away if a guy is trying to impress them.

Let her discover your qualities by herself

Too many guys try to impress girls by bragging or trying to prove themselves.

And by doing so, they trigger the opposite feelings they wanted to trigger in the first place.

By doing so, they get the girls to see them as insecure and low-value guys.

The alpha male doesn’t brag about himself. He doesn’t need to prove himself.

When you don’t brag about yourself, you actually stand out.

Be self-disciplined

Discipline resonates with solidity and shows character.

And, on the other hand, lack of control resonates with fragility.

A man who shows self-discipline is attractive and impressive.

Stand up for yourself

Do not agree with everything she says.

Don’t be a weak guy who who has has got no opinions of his own.

Don’t be a weak guy who can’t stand up for himself and defend his point of view.

When you agree with a girl on everything, you appear weak. You appear feminine. Like one of her female friends.

She can’t feel your solidity.

She can’t feel the man inside you.

She can’t feel the unshakable and unmovable male she’s looking for.

Unfortunately, too many guys think they should agree with girls on everything.

As a result, they are boring.

Be ambitious

Ambition tells a lot about a man.

A man who is ambitious is impressive.

In a world where there are so many guys with low standards and poor goals for their future, the guy who has high standards and who sets challenging goals for himself impresses women.

The man who foresees a great future for himself (instead of foreseeing nothing but a boring and unexciting life) is impressive.

The more ambitious you are, the more impressive.

Don’t talk about yourself all the time

The more you talk about yourself, the more boring you become.

The more you talk about yourself, the more predictable you’re gonna be.

Beautiful girls are used to guys bragging about themselves to impress them.

They are used to guys talking about themselves in order to stand out or to prove to them that they’re worth their company.

Be honest by expressing your desires

When a girl comes across a solid guy who has the balls to tell her that she finds her attractive, she becomes impressed.

When a woman comes across a man who is honest, she is impressed.

Those days, honesty and authenticity are impressive.

They make you stand out.

They’re simple, yet powerful.

So don’t try to hide your desires to a woman.

Tell her that you find her attractive or make her understand it by complimenting her or using your gaze.



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