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How to get rid of worry bomb and stay productive

When we are anxious and worried, we become vigilant and start paying attention to those things which do not exist and creating stressful situations for ourselves. We focus on negative things too much that we forget to see positive stuff.

Stress and fear can be either positive or negative and you can turn them into fuel. There is no such thing as positive anxiety that is why it needs to be confronted if we want to neutralize it. Anxiety and stress not only affect productivity at work place but it hurts engagement and passion.

Impact - Workplace performance, Quality of work, Relationships with peers and superiors.

Steps to avoid Anxiety and stress

Think about positive things- It is important to start off day with positive thinking and do not worry about negative situations. It is alright to have negative situations and everyone encounters with negative things but how to react to negative situations make all the difference. Get positive out of negative things and see the difference. Make a promise to yourself to think only positive and do that for 21 days continuously, you will see the difference in your approach.

Mediate- Try to take out time for meditation for 15 or 20 minutes a day will serve the purpose to keep off stress and anxiety. While meditating , focus on your breath and do not think about anything else to avoid getting distracted. This is powerful technique to control your mind and keeping away negative thoughts.

Be happy- When we are happy and feeling good , we radiate positivity around us and do not worry about negative things. Do not angry if someone makes fun of you, calls you by name, abuses you, just ignore them and do not react. Just remember, If you fight with pig, pig will enjoy but you will get dirty.

Take help from your friends and parents- If you find yourself surrounding with negative thoughts consistently and do not know what to do, at that point of time discuss same with your friends and parents to get the resolution instead of living with negative stuff. When you start sharing your thoughts which you think are making you depressed would help to relieve the stress. Do not be shy from consulting with others in case of any stress and anxiety.

Physical exercise- It has been scientifically proved that when we hit the gym or involve in physical exercise, stress and anxiety would be out of your mind because while doing exercise our brain releases hormones which stops our mind to think about negative situations and focus on positive things. It is better to have physical exercise of at least 20-30 minutes everyday to keep our body, mind in sync to take right decisions.



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