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GOD is great

One man went to fruits shop and asked for Apple and guava price, shopkeeper said 200 kg /apple and 50 kg/guava. One old lady also came and asked for same fruits price. This time shopkeeper said 20 kg/apple and 10 kg/guava to that old lady and she took some of fruits and left the place. That man got surprised to see the difference in fruits price. Shopkeeper explained to man that he tried to help old lady many times by giving fruits free of charge because she does not have anyone in her life but Everytime old lady refused to take fruits free because of her self respect. So I always ask her to pay which I think she can pay easily because Everytime she visits my shop my fruits sale gets increased by 10 percent on that day. I always want her to visit my shop. Always have your palm to be faced downwards in helping others rather than palm to be faced upwards. The moment you start helping others , no need to worry about yourself because GOD will take care of your life.



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