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Failures are part of success

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

She failed in engineering entrance exams in high school. -Reliance Industries rejected her in job interview 12 years ago. Her family did not let her study MBA initially -Jindal Steels refused to hire her as she was not an engineer.

Everyone suggested her to join hospitality or HR and not technical field. Today, she is Supply Chain Management expert for super critical plants like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical refineries, thermal power projects etc and have handled procurement orders of over USD 10 Million.

She has worked with top management at Reliance Industries, ONGC, L&T, Jindal Steels WITHOUT AN ENGINEERING DEGREE. Engineers India Limited appreciated her work. She has travelled 5 continents, completed her MBA and is a proud mother of a 10 year old daughter .

This is the story of Anjalli Chauhaan whom I had the pleasure to meet yesterday at Renewable Energy India Expo 2019. You are an inspiration, an epitome of sheer grit & determination. Glad to have met you. I wanted to share this with all the women around. NEVER GIVE UP!



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