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Dream Big

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

What you think, you become, Have positive thoughts

Dream big is very important. Have a unique way of envisioning things deeply enough in order to see things folding correctly. Imagination is limitless. What we think, we become.

Your focus is shifted and you notice different things

Take two people who go to the same market. One person focuses on couple arguing in the corner, complaining continuously. He says that the market experience was awful and bad because all he saw people were arguing and crowded. Another person goes to the same market, enjoys, laughs, meets new people he would call friends, and goes home, eventually telling everyone he had one of the best day of his life.

You begin to realize that self-improvement is a necessity and important, not an option

Some dreamers know that in order to realize their dreams, they need to improve their lives and the way think think. Self-improvement becomes more of a necessity and less of an option. Dreamers realize that they can’t fulfill their dreams by doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. They need to improve and move forward, rather than continue on the same path and be left behind.

The word impossible doesn’t apply anymore

As a dreamer, you ignore the word impossible. In fact, the word impossible simple says to you — I’m Possible.

Anything is possible when you can vividly dream it.

While others might try to dissuade and distract you from seeing those dreams come to life, you won’t listen to them. You’re a dreamer. You’re going to fulfill your dreams no matter what it takes.



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