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Anjalli Chauhan- Iron Lady

Industry does not matter, what matters is your passion

Anjalli Chauhan - Founder - MAXIMA Steel Services - MBA / Supply Chain Management Professional

Some brilliant lines spoken by Anjalli Chauhan- First Female Founder in Indian steel industry

I belong to extremely Orthodox Joint family located in tier city Jabalpur (Madhya - Pradesh).I always wanted to utilize my energy in my passion which I believed strongly. My strong determination and my Commitment helped me to achieve my ambitions and which helped me to become self -dependent person. I have faced Gender bias in my family and in my society due to their conservative perceptions. orthodox perceptions and some selective parameters for females. 

I had to face these kind of several constraint in my life's different stages. Although with the help of my strong will power, willingness to do something special and giant desire of bring change in my family and society. I have successfully crossed all constraint and create a great Image of Females not only in my society but also in Engineering and Steel industry in National and International level. "IF I CAN DREAM IT. THEN I CAN DO IT' these words kept me motivated towards my ambitions. 

With help of my strong caliber and passion towards serving to Engineering Industry. within 13 years of span of time I have covered all engineering segments like Petrochemical & Refineries, Shipbuilding. Oil & Gas, Thermal Power, Offshore constructional, Solar Industry and several segments.  I really feel fortunate myself when I represent new face of Indian women in front of National and International level. I was the first female at the steel tube manufacturing workshop during my training in 2005 and similarly.

Till present I am only female from India who stepped out and broken all the barrier of stereotype in male oriented industry. Fortunately, in this special and super critical applications zones i.e. Distinguish Professionals. Industrialist. Engineers and Traders everyone has appreciated me. supported me and provided me a new recognition as a First Female Founder in Steel Industry in India. 

It was really wonderful empirical experience to work in this special steel industry, where I have faced several challenges, adverse situations financially, physically, technically and operationally. As I belong to non-technical background , my responsibility to learn technical aspects has been increased. I have started my professional life in steel plant Dewas (Madhya Pradesh), India. I have visited several steel plants in China and South Korea.

My synergy and motivational spirit and appreciations from buyers and suppliers were my main capital assets. I have been closely working with Indian Engineering industry and got recognized as a first female founder of steel services company.



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